im excited to tell you about an exhibition im part of - BY (meaning: village).  It’s a collective exhibition together with a group of nine Finnish illustrators. The aim is to reach international audiences with a playful mobile exhibition that will delve into the world of illustration and animation and will be on tour in Europe this year and next.

The idea was to construct a flexible exhibition module around the illustrators work, but at the same time function as a visual entity. The idea and visualization was conjured up by the great Curator and Exhibition Artist, Bo Haglund and produced by the brilliant and fantastic to work with, Johanna Stenback (Jokowski) and co-produced by lovely Åsa Lönnqvist, Pro Artibus.

The other tremendous artists are, Malin Ahlsved, Linda Bondestam, Lena Frölander-Ulf, Anna Härmälä, Maija Hurme, Veronica Lassenius, Christel Rönns and Kasper Strömman.

Each artist was given a container in a shape of a house, that opens up and the illustrator could exhibit his or her art inside the container. I made my container into a Lost Property Office, reflecting the look of my latest shortfilm. I also have projections of different animations and the Lost Property film displayed in the house.

Over the summer the exhibition was set up in Finland and this week, from the 8-12.10, the exhibition begins its international tour in association with the Frankfurt Book Fair, where Finland will be the theme country of 2014.

here's a picture of my container from the exhibition in Finland.