Lost Property

For the last year Ive been mainly working on my latest short film, Lost Property. Its been such a interesting and challenging project. And im so excited that its finally finished and ready to do the festival run, starting off with its premier in Edinburgh Film Festival on the 26th of June.

Check out the Edinburgh Film Festival programme here:

A little synopsis about the film:

In a Lost Property Office a kind old Man is working behind the desk. Every day an old Lady comes into this office looking for something she has lost. She presents the man with a photograph of the item. He takes her through the corridor of doors into rooms that are filled with Lost Property. Carefully and magically categorized into rooms per items. Every day the old Lady comes into the Office presenting a new item that has been lost and everyday he tries to help her find it. Each day that passes, expectations are being faltered, hopes are being faded and the loss feels stronger. Desperate to help the fragile old Lady the man persists and his efforts increase. The increased effort seems to make each room more magical and enchanting than its predecessor. The rooms get deeper, the dreams gets higher and the experience gets richer. But will she find what she's looking for in the end?

Trailer for the film:

Come back and check out future posts explaining more about the film, the story behind it, how it came about, behind the scenes, and so on..:)

til then, cheers for stopping by